We are located at 2819 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam

604 474 4566

Sink the Ink Tattoo Company is an award winning art-based custom tattoo shop in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Our services include tattooing and custom artwork.

We are health board approved, licensed and insured. Our shop is clean, professional and up-to-date with modern sterilization procedures. We use only the best equipment for our tattooing. We are always looking for new ways to make your experience as professional, pleasant and as memorable as possible. 

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Dave Seguyn, Tattoo Artist

His art on Instagram

Dave has been drawing all his life. He went to The Art Institute of Vancouver for 3D Modelling. He also attended a formal shop apprenticeship here in the Lower Mainland.

Dave is a custom artist. He loves many different styles of tattooing including, but not limited to, Japanese, black and grey, horror themes. He also enjoys working in colour and with script.

Angela Owre

Her art on Instagram

Angela exhibits her oil paintings in fancy galleries(for real).  Getting a tattoo by Angie will give you irrefutable proof that you knew her before she got famous.


Justin Albrice, Tattoo Artist

His art on Instagram

Justin's work ethic equals his talent and is a solid artist in several styles.  

Sink the Ink Tattoo Company started as a dream by Bryn Wyllychuk. She is a“collector” of tattoos and believes in the beauty of body modification. She sees tattooing as art, and as such, she was determined to attract the best, most talented, artists to her shop that she could find. It was her goal to build a shop that was unlike traditional dark, dingy and intimidating tattoo shops.  

She wanted to open a place where everyone felt welcome. As a corporate/securities paralegal with almost 20 years’ experience and a 13-year retail business owner, she comes to the table prepared. She is a self-appointed princess (it says so on her business card). She is determined to make the world more beautiful one tattoo at a time.

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