Update for Covid-19 Policies and Changes

At Sink the Ink we have always had a strong emphasis on cleanliness, safety, and the health of our clients and artists.  Due to the dangers presented by Covid-19 we have chosen to update our procedures and practices in accordance with the requirements of WorkSafeBC's Safety Plan guidelines.  We have also kept up to date and will continue keep up to date with the WHO's courses on PPE and other relevant subject matter.

All of our artists will be wearing full PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)to ensure client and artist safety.  Due to the added extra costs of using the added PPE there will be a $30 PPE surcharge on all tattoo appointments.  The price of our premium aftercare is included in this fee.

All consultations will be done digitally from now on.  Each artist has their own personal preference on what social media platform or email service they prefer to use.  That info will be updated shortly on each artist's page as well as each artist will update their instagram accounts to reflect their preference as well(if they have one).

We are no longer accepting walk-ins to the shop, however, you may still try to call or email the shop and try to book a same day appointment that way.  Any same day appointments will be based on artist availability.  Entry to the shop will be restricted to appointment only.  Please call the shop when you arrive and wait in your car or outside until we are set up for your appointment.  We encourage you to bring a mask to your appointment, however, if you do not have one we will provide you with one to wear. 

All clients will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided upon entry to the shop.  We also have a UV sanitizer for phones that will be required to be used as well.  Please only bring what is completely necessary to your appointment.  

Clients must come by themselves.  We are not allowing friends or family to come to appointments during this time.  We already were semi-strict about this but we will be enforcing this more strictly from now on in the interest of the safety of our artists and our other clients.

We will be doing additional cleaning every day of high touch areas, including doors, tables, bathrooms and our payment machines.  We encourage our clients to do the same.  Showering before your appointment is encouraged as well.

We highly recommend that clients partake in this as it will protect you from contamination, as well decrease overall heal time to a fraction of the time normally taken with a dry heal.

All tattooers will disinfect and clean all environmental surfaces between each client.  We will wash our hands frequently and we will be using more disposable barriers.  This is important to reduce the potential transmission of Covid-19 and we take your safety and ours very seriously.  Our stations will be spaced more than 2 meters apart to ensure proper social distancing requirements are met and we will also have partitions up to provide a further barrier to reduce risk of transmission.  There will also be a barrier at our front desk to protect our front of house staff from any possible risk of transmission.

We will also be using an ozone generator at night to further disinfect our work space. 

IF YOU ARE SICK, HAVE BEEN SICK RECENTLY, OR THINK YOU HAVE COME INTO CONTACT WITH A POTENTIALLY INFECTED PERSON, please do not hesitate to reschedule your appointment.  There will be NO PENALTIES for having to reschedule your appointment, even with short notice(less than 48 hours).  We would be happy to reschedule your appointment ASAP but please be considerate of the safety of others and be honest about any possible exposure and risks you place on others.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We look forward to tattooing you!

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