Free Consultation

Got your idea? Want to talk to an artist?

Call the shop at 604-474-4566 and book a free consultation. We will happily discuss your ideas, give you a price quote or budget and answer anything about your tattoo in person.

Consultations require an appointment and are booked at the start or end of the day.


If the consultation went well and you'd like to book an appointment, we take a deposit to secure your time.

We only tattoo people 18 years and above and reserve the right to refuse tattoos.  We are a professional shop and our custom art and high standards are our reputation. 

Before your tattoo:

Eat a healthy meal, be hydrated and rested.

If you groan, complain, twitch, or whine we highly recommend knitting rather than getting tattooed.  Yes they hurt, and no we don't use numbing cream.  Leave your entourage and kids at home.  

You! Shut up if you're in pain! 

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